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English I Research Guide

Brown & Smith


Login using ISD + student number (ISD12345)

Explora - great general database for research papers and projects.

Pop Culture Studies - current events, art, and history.

Research for HS - general database for research papers and projects.

Criminal Justice - criminal justice articles dating back to 1980.


  • EBSCOhost - Periodicals, journals, newspapers, articles, and more. Login using isdschools.

  • View all of MCPL's Databases here.

MLA Style Guide

Source Credibility

CRAAP Method

  • Currency - When was it written?

  • Relevance - Why are you reading it?

  • Authority - Who is the author? Are they credible?

  • Accuracy - Has the author used multiple sources?

  • Purpose​ - What is the purpose and is their bias? 

Boolean Operators

  • ​"AND"  helps narrow the search: Requires both terms to be in each item returned. If one term is contained in the document and the other is not, the item is not included in the resulting list.​​

  • "OR" broadens the search: Either term (or both) will be in the returned document.​

  • "NOT" focuses the search: The first term is searched, then any records containing the term after the operators are subtracted from the results.​

  • ( ) or " " enclose search strategies that will customize your results. 

Video Tutorial

Presentation Slides

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