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Teacher Resources

Reserve a library space for your class by using the THS Library Usage Calendar. If you need to be added to this google calendar please email Megan Schwindler or Karen Cook.

THS Library Usage Request Form - Fill out this form to request the Librarian visit your class for a mini-lesson.

MCPL Teacher Assistance Form - Request any titles we may not have in the THS Library.

Teacher Tech Tips



Blooket - This is a gamified quiz that allows you to lead different game types (fishing, gold rush, and more). If your students like Kahoot they will LOVE this one even more!


Kahoot - A fun way to assess student learning in a competitive way. Take a standard quiz and watch your students fully engage in your content!

For more tech tips visit


Gimkit - This is very similar to Kahoot and Blooket and can be another option for your students to experience a "live, learning game show".


Quizziz -  Another great quiz-based game. There are tons of pre-built quizzes you can use and assign to your students.

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